Eric Bieniemy’s Interested in Rejoining the Kansas City Chiefs and Could Benefit Both Parties

The Chiefs may welcome back Eric Bieniemy

Eric Bieniemy, a former offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs, is currently on the job hunt and has expressed interest in rejoining the team in 2024. According to sources close to the situation, Bieniemy may be given the title of “assistant head coach,” with Matt Nagy continuing to serve as offensive coordinator. This arrangement would be beneficial for both parties in several ways.

During the season, when the Chiefs were struggling, quarterback Patrick Mahomes praised Bieniemy for setting a high standard of accountability. Prior to the AFC Championship game, Mahomes’ meeting with his teammates left them feeling nervous but inspired. Despite concerns about his coaching style being too tough on players of the Commanders, Mahomes stood by Bieniemy before the season started.

It’s worth noting that Bieniemy did not meet with the Chiefs before Super Bowl LVIII as he was being considered for an offensive coordinator position with the Seahawks. However, he ultimately got passed over for someone else. There is also speculation that he could return as head coach if Andy Reid retires after this upcoming game. In such a scenario, players like Mahomes and Travis Kelce are expected to support him both publicly and privately.

Bieniemy’s experience with Mahomes could prove valuable to him as he looks for a new role. The two have worked together closely since Bieniemy joined the Chiefs in 2018 and have developed a strong bond based on their shared love of football.

The move would benefit both parties in multiple ways. Firstly, it would provide Bieniemy with an opportunity to work alongside one of his closest friends and mentors in football while giving him access to resources and support from within an organization that values his skills.

On the other hand, it would give Mahomes another familiar face within a locker room that has seen significant changes over recent years. Additionally, it would provide him with someone who understands his strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else on staff.

Overall, if Bieniemy were to rejoin the Chiefs as assistant head coach or even head coach in 2024 or beyond, it could be mutually beneficial for both parties and help ensure continued success for one of NFL’s most successful franchises.

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