Expedia Group Incorporates Amadeus NDC Technology

Expedia Group Incorporates Amadeus NDC Technology

Amadeus, a travel technology innovator, has announced plans to implement New Distribution Capability (NDC) technology for global online travel agency Expedia Group. NDC allows airlines to create and customize offers using the latest merchandising techniques, presenting them in a way that enhances the shopping experience for travel sellers like Expedia Group and their customers.

This multi-year agreement demonstrates Amadeus’ commitment to advancing the industry towards modern, enhanced retailing, and supporting industry growth while improving the traveler experience. Amadeus has been working with Expedia Group for nearly twenty years, providing industry-leading technology solutions to drive partner growth and success.

Expedia Group officials have expressed their excitement about renewing their partnership with Amadeus and integrating aggregated NDC content into their connectivity portfolio. This collaboration showcases their dedication to offering travelers a diverse range of choices and personalized experiences in line with the industry’s adoption of NDC technology.

Amadeus representatives have highlighted their goal of enabling all stakeholders to leverage the potential of NDC technology. Collaborating with one of their largest online travel agency partners demonstrates their commitment to fostering cross-industry collaboration on NDC for the benefit of travelers worldwide. Through their relationships with airlines and travel sellers, Amadeus is well-positioned to facilitate the adoption of NDC technology across the travel ecosystem.

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