Exploring the Universe of Science: NCCIL Workshop and Exhibit Encourage Curiosity in Young Minds

Hands-On Education Celebrated at NICCL Exhibit Honoring Artists in Science

Last Saturday, the NCCIL hosted a workshop for children to explore the worlds of physics, geology, and astronomy. The workshop was led by artist Jason Chin, whose exhibit “The Universe in You” opened on Thursday at the NCCIL. The exhibit featured examples from Chin’s books that introduce science to young readers.

During the workshop, children had the opportunity to draw with Chin and explore hands-on science stations set up in the main gallery. The interactive nature of the event provided an engaging and educational experience for curious minds and nimble fingers. Through hands-on demonstrations, kids learned about geology, astronomy, physics, and other scientific disciplines.

The exhibit will be on display at the NCCIL through May 10th, giving families and young readers ample time to explore the wonders of science through the captivating art and books of Jason Chin. The combination of art and education offers an opportunity for children to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

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