Farmers Call for Unity to Support the Wine Industry

Farmers Call for Unity to Support the Wine Industry

During the inauguration of Vinitaly, the national president of Cia-Agricoltori Italiani, Cristiano Fini, emphasized the importance of preserving and relaunching the economic, social, and cultural capital of the Italian wine industry. He stressed the need for a change in pace in Europe, starting with the political agendas of future elections, to provide more incentives for the wine sector.

Fini acknowledged that the Italian wine industry is currently facing challenges, such as a decrease in consumption, climate change affecting yields, and inflation impacting spending. Additionally, he highlighted the concerns regarding proposed European regulations on labeling, health warnings, and potential limitations on support and sponsorships. The president expressed the importance of distinguishing between responsible consumption and abuse of alcohol.

Vinitaly was seen as an opportunity to unite the sector and call for a reorientation of EU policies in the upcoming legislature. Fini emphasized the need to safeguard promotion funds for wine, combat alcohol abuse, and avoid measures that could negatively impact wine communities and territories. He underscored the strategic significance of the wine industry in terms of economic output, employment, social value, and cultural heritage.

Fini stressed the role of the wine industry in preserving traditions, customs, history, landscapes, and typical products, which are essential for food and wine tourism and the development of rural and internal areas. The president called for continued efforts to enhance the value of the supply chain from the fields to the cellars, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and growing such a vital sector in Italy.

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