February 2024 Health Cluster Bulletin for Northern Mozambique Humanitarian Response

February 2024 Health Cluster Bulletin for Northern Mozambique Humanitarian Response

In February 2024, there was a significant increase in insurgent violence in Cabo Delgado province over the span of two weeks. Attacks were reported in various districts such as Chiure, Macomia, Meluco, Quissanga, and Mocímoba da Praia. Insurgents targeted both security forces and civilians, and there were reports of churches being set on fire.

One of the most notable incidents occurred in Mucojo, Macomia, where over 150 insurgents attacked a security forces position on February 9. At least 20 soldiers were killed in this attack. Islamic State Mozambique (ISM) claimed responsibility for the attack, stating that they had killed 25 people, including army members, a soldier from the Local Force, and a civilian. The attack marked the security forces’ largest loss of life since the 2021 attack on Palma.

In addition to the incident in Mucojo, other insurgent groups operated in northern Macomia along the N380. Clashes with Local Forces were reported in Litamanda, where at least one civilian was killed. The violence prompted residents to flee to Chai, while insurgents also attacked Chai three days later, resulting in at least one more death. IS claimed the victim was a member of the Local Forces.

The situation in Cabo Delgado province remains tense, with insurgents targeting security forces, civilians, and even religious institutions. The attacks highlight the ongoing conflict and insecurity in the region, with communities living in fear of violence erupting at any moment. Security forces continue to face challenges in combating the insurgency and protecting the local population.

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