Foreign companies urged by Iraqi Ministry of Oil to adhere to country’s laws and sovereignty

Foreign companies urged by Iraqi Ministry of Oil to adhere to country’s laws and sovereignty

The Iraqi Ministry of Oil reiterated its commitment to resolving disputes and resuming exports through the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline under the guidance of the Iraqi government. The ministry emphasized that foreign companies operating in Iraq must respect the country’s sovereignty, laws, and judicial decisions without interfering in sovereign affairs related to foreign policy.

In response to a statement by the Kurdistan Oil Industry Association (APICOR), the ministry clarified that the cessation of oil exports through the pipeline in March 2023 was due to a Turkish decision based on an international arbitration ruling in favor of Iraq. After negotiations, exports resumed with technical problems addressed in the shortest possible time. The federal government is most affected by export interruptions due to its sovereign oil policy.

One of the main reasons for ongoing export stoppages is the refusal of foreign companies in the Kurdistan region to deliver oil production to the regional government for export in accordance with federal law. The ministry has made efforts to overcome obstacles, requesting contracts for review and negotiation with no response from companies demanding excessive costs. The ministry cannot violate budget laws and seeks a consensual solution for exports.

The ministry emphasized the need to adhere to the law, constitution, and judicial decisions in order to resume exports through the Iraqi-Turkish pipeline. Negotiations with companies continue to reach a solution that upholds the public interest while respecting legal obligations. Companies must not impose conditions that violate the law, as the ministry remains committed to finding a resolution that benefits all parties involved.

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