Foreign Powers Steal US Technology: China and Iran’s Illicit Acquisition Threatens U.S. National Security

Top DHS Official Accuses China And Iran Of Stealing U.S. Technology

In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has reported a growing threat to U.S. national security as foreign powers continue to steal technology from the U.S. and use it to their own advantage. This includes both China and Iran, who are actively seeking to acquire U.S. technology through illegal means.

According to Jim Mancuso, assistant director at Homeland Security Investigations, both China and Iran have been found with U.S. technology in recovered military equipment, violating U.S. export laws in the process. Mr. Mancuso stated that this transfer of technology abroad is a serious concern as it undermines U.S. sovereignty and national security interests.

In particular, the technology acquired by Iran is being used in sophisticated drone technologies, which pose a significant threat to U.S., allies, and even global stability as a whole.

To combat this threat, U

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