Free E-book on Hubble Space Mysteries Released by NASA

Free E-book on Hubble Space Mysteries Released by NASA

Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided scientists with an unparalleled view of the universe. With well over 1 million observations, it has revolutionized our understanding of the cosmos. Now, NASA has released a free e-book titled “Hubble Focus: The Dark Universe,” which delves into the lessons learned from the Hubble mission about dark matter and dark energy, challenging long-standing theories.

Dark matter, which makes up the majority of the universe’s mass, is invisible and mostly undetectable. Unlike normal matter, it cannot be seen or observed directly. Scientists believe that dark matter constitutes 27 percent of the universe, while dark energy, responsible for the universe’s expansion, makes up 68 percent. The Hubble Space Telescope’s advanced instruments have enabled scientists to study these invisible components of the universe in greater detail, posing challenges to existing cosmological models.

The e-book discusses the discoveries enabled by the Hubble mission in simple terms, accompanied by images from the telescope and quotes from experts. It also contains links to videos that further explore topics such as the Hubble constant, which measures the rate of the universe’s expansion. Hubble operations project scientist Ken Carpenter emphasized the ongoing quest to understand these mysteries in a news release, inviting readers to explore the latest research in the field.

This e-book is the latest in a series of volumes about the Hubble mission and its groundbreaking discoveries. If you are eager to learn more about the hidden forces shaping our universe, you can download the book in PDF or EPUB format. Dive into the wonders of the cosmos with “Hubble Focus: The Dark Universe” and gain a deeper understanding of the invisible forces at play in the universe.

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