From Fear to Serenity: A Journalist’s Journey Through Kidnapping and Trauma in Gaza

“Mental torment was their choice”: the harrowing experience of Moran, held captive by Hamas for 54 days

Moran, a 40-year-old woman, is now staying in a Parisian apartment after being detained in Gaza by Hamas for 54 days following her kidnapping from the Nova festival in southern Israel. Although she exudes an air of serenity with her pale pink varnished nails and numerous rings adorning her fingers, the psychological toll of her ordeal is evident in her fear of being alone and difficulty in performing simple, everyday tasks.

The constant reminder of her injury is the crutch standing at the entrance to the apartment. During her time in Gaza, Moran faced threats, psychological pressures, and isolation. The fear of reliving this anguish is still very real for her. Despite appearing calm on the surface, Moran’s experience has left a lasting impact on her mental and emotional well-being. She continues to struggle with the aftermath of her ordeal as she adjusts to life in Paris.

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