Frontier Airlines to Offer Option to Pay Extra for Guaranteed Free Middle Seat

Frontier Airlines to Offer Option to Pay Extra for Guaranteed Free Middle Seat

Frontier Airlines has introduced a new seating upgrade option for passengers. The airline is now offering customers the choice to pay extra for an empty middle seat. This new upgrade, called “UpFront Plus,” allows passengers to sit in rows with only two seats. The upgrade starts at $49 and will be available on April flights. This means that passengers can enjoy the luxury of both armrests and more space on their next budget flight.

Frontier Group Holdings Inc., the parent company of Frontier Airlines, made the announcement on Tuesday. Passengers who opt for the “UpFront Plus” seating upgrade will have the middle seat blocked off in specially designated rows. This new option will provide extra legroom, comfort, and the benefit of sitting in the first two rows of the aircraft. Passengers who choose this upgrade will also be the first to receive inflight service.

Barry Biffle, the CEO of Frontier Airlines, stated that many consumers prefer seating options that offer extra space when flying. The upgrade is part of Frontier’s commitment to giving customers flexibility and choice when customizing their travel experience. Biffle also mentioned that the upgrade, along with new premium economy and business class offerings, will boost the company’s revenue.

This move by Frontier Airlines comes as airlines are looking for ways to generate revenue in light of changing travel patterns. Budget airlines like Frontier and Spirit have monetized every aspect of the travel experience, from baggage fees to seat selection. Larger airlines have also introduced specialized seating options to increase profits. Airlines such as Delta, United, and American now charge more for advanced seat selection and upgraded cabins.

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