German Chemical Giant BASF Pulls Out of Xinjiang: Calls for Western Companies to Boycott the Region intensify Amid Allegations of Human Rights Violations

German officials call for Volkswagen to withdraw from Xinjiang

BASF, a German chemical company with operations in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, has announced that it will withdraw from the region, citing reports of possible human rights violations. This decision has been praised by Renata Alt, Chairwoman of the Bundestag’s Human Rights Committee, who called for Xinjiang to become a “no-go” location for Western companies.

Meanwhile, pressure on Volkswagen to leave Xinjiang has increased, as Green MEP Reinhard B├╝tikofer emphasized that there is an ethical red line for companies doing business there. The Federal Government Commissioner for Freedom of Religion and Belief, Frank Schwabe, echoed this sentiment and urged German companies not to do business in Xinjiang due to the catastrophic human rights situation.

BASF’s decision to sell shares in two joint ventures in Xinjiang was prompted by reports of possible human rights violations against Uighurs and other minorities. Despite previous claims by VW that there were no evidence of forced labor at their Xinjiang plant after an internal investigation, human rights organizations and members of other minorities continue to allege re-education camps and forced labor. These claims are denied by the Chinese government.

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