How to Collect the $500 Walmart Might Owe You

How to Collect the $500 Walmart Might Owe You

Walmart has been accused of overcharging customers for weighted goods and bagged citrus, but the retail giant denies these allegations. Despite denying the claims, Walmart has agreed to a $45 million settlement to resolve the issue. Eligible customers who have proof of being overcharged could receive up to $500 as part of the settlement.

Customers who have shopped at Walmart in the US or Puerto Rico between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, are encouraged to check their receipts for purchases of items like oranges or packaged meat. Those who believe they were overcharged have until June 5 to submit a claim online or by mail in order to receive compensation.

For customers who have proof of purchase, they can receive 2% of the total cost of eligible items, up to $500. Those without receipts can still file a claim, but the compensation is less. Without proof of purchase, customers can receive between $10 and $25 based on the weight of the eligible goods purchased.

The settlement site provides a detailed list of goods that fall under the categories of “weighted goods” or “bagged citrus” included in the settlement. The final approval hearing for the settlement is scheduled for June 12, so customers should not expect to receive any compensation before then.

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