Hue Central Hospital breaks 3 organ transplantation records

Hue Central Hospital breaks 3 organ transplantation records

Hue Central Hospital achieved three records for organ transplantation within 48 hours, successfully completing surgeries on 8 patients. Prof. Dr. Pham Nhu Hiep, the hospital’s Director, announced on April 5 that the transplants took place from April 2-4 and the patients’ health was stable post-surgery. During this period, the hospital performed 3 trans-Vietnamese organ transplants, an autologous kidney transplant, and 4 blood-related kidney transplants from living donors, totaling 8 patients.

Among these cases, Hue Central Hospital received a set of heart, liver, and kidney organs simultaneously from a brain-dead patient at Vietnam – Sweden Uong Bi Hospital. This was the first time the hospital received multiple organs in a single donation. The hospital also set a record for the longest organ transport time as the organs had to travel over 800 km from Quang Ninh to Hue, taking more than 4 hours and 30 minutes to reach the hospital.

Professor Hiep described the journey of a cross-Vietnam organ transplant from a brain-dead donor as a ‘magical mission’ that showcases the determination to save lives. In the past, the hospital has successfully transplanted 23 organs in two weeks, including hearts, livers, and kidneys. These achievements contribute to Vietnam’s efforts in organ transplantation, with 8,365 cases recorded since 1992.

Despite the potential for organ donation from brain-dead individuals, only 6% of organs come from living donors in Vietnam. Experts suggest that the country is missing out on organ donations from the approximately 7,000 people who die in traffic accidents each year. Organ transplantation plays a crucial role in saving lives and improving healthcare in the country.

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