In wake of recent tragedies, mental health resource reintroduced at UW-River Falls

In wake of recent tragedies, mental health resource reintroduced at UW-River Falls

The UW-River Falls chapter of the non-profit Active Minds, focusing on mental health on college campuses, has returned to campus after a difficult semester for students. The president of the reinstated chapter, Brandi Weidland, mentioned feeling tension in the air as they try to rebuild after a tough semester that included the loss of 4 fellow students to suicide.

Weidland described the impact of the recent tragedies on campus, including the university sending students on Thanksgiving break early last semester. She emphasized the importance of providing students with a safe space to talk about their mental health in the wake of these events. The university has implemented Mental Health Mondays to promote resources like Active Minds and recently added an additional counselor for student accessibility.

Despite not knowing the students personally, Weidland shared how deeply the losses affected her, leading to feelings of survivor’s guilt. She remains hopeful that with time and continued efforts by the university, the mental health and well-being of students on campus will improve. As Weidland prepares to graduate, she hopes that the university will continue to address the needs of students in distress.

Currently, the Active Minds chapter at UW-River Falls consists of 5 members and is looking for more to ensure its presence on campus for the long term. Upcoming events are scheduled for April 8th and 22nd at the Trimbelle Room in the University Center at 7 p.m. WEAU holds the copyright for this content.

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