Inez Fung appointed to the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board

Inez Fung appointed to the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board

The Bulletin is pleased to announce the addition of Inez Fung to its Science and Security Board (SASB). The SASB is made up of a distinguished group of globally recognized leaders focusing on nuclear risk, climate change, and disruptive technologies. This board provides the Bulletin with objective views on trends and issues in these fields, connects the organization with outside experts, and sets the Doomsday Clock annually.

Bulletin President and CEO Rachel Bronson expressed her excitement about Inez Fung joining the SASB, citing her extensive knowledge of atmospheric science, meteorology, and ecology as a valuable asset to the board. Fung’s expertise will be beneficial as the climate crisis rapidly unfolds.

Fung’s work in climate modeling and biogeochemical cycles has been essential in combating the climate crisis. She has contributed to reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and received accolades from NASA, Scientific American, and MIT for her research. Fung currently serves as a Professor of Atmospheric Science at UC Berkeley.

Her groundbreaking research on the global carbon cycle has highlighted the importance of the terrestrial biosphere in absorbing anthropogenic CO2. Fung has led joint studies on climate change and has been recognized with awards such as the Roger Revelle Medal and the C.G. Rossby Research Medal.

In addition to her role on the SASB, Fung is a member of prestigious scientific academies including the US National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society. Her expertise and accomplishments make her a valuable addition to the Bulletin’s team.

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