Insights from Ilia Malinin, Sakamoto Kaori, and others at Montreal

Insights from Ilia Malinin, Sakamoto Kaori, and others at Montreal

In the men’s singles competition at the World Championships in Montreal, Ilia Malinin emerged victorious and was dubbed the ‘Quad God’ for his outstanding performance. Despite facing tough competition from the likes of Uno Shoma, the reigning world champion, Malinin was able to showcase his talent and skill on the ice.

Leading up to the competition, Malinin had already proven himself by defeating top skaters like Uno, Kagiyama Yuma, and Adam Siao Him Fa at the Grand Prix Final. When it came to the Worlds, Malinin delivered a spectacular free skate performance, landing six clean quads, including a quadruple Axel that left the audience in awe.

His record-breaking performance earned him a score of 227.79 in the free skate, solidifying his win and leaving him overwhelmed with emotion. Kagiyama Yuma took home the silver, while Siao Him Fa made an impressive comeback to claim the bronze medal.

Uno Shoma, on the other hand, finished in fourth place after a fall in his program. This marked only the fourth time he failed to make it to the podium in his eight appearances at the World Championships. As for veteran skater Jason Brown, he finished in fifth place, showcasing his exceptional skating skills after limited international competition in recent seasons.

The future remains uncertain for Uno and Brown, but their talent and dedication to the sport are evident. It will be interesting to see how they continue to grow and compete in the world of figure skating.

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