Israel Defense Company Lands Unexpected Contract and F-35 Restrictions Lifted

Israel Defense Company Lands Unexpected Contract and F-35 Restrictions Lifted

The Israeli defense industry is experiencing growth with big companies like Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit, and Rafael, as well as smaller companies flourishing. In contrast, France is facing challenges with its defense industry output while the US rejects a test of an advanced missile and the Pentagon lifts restrictions on F-35 aircraft. This update comes from the weekly defense industries corner.

Paytech Engineering, based in Nesher, Israel, has secured a significant contract by signing an agreement for exclusive representation of the Italian TEKNEL company. The company will be the sole supplier in Israel of operating vehicles from TEKNEL, catering to major defense companies in Israel. Paytech’s involvement in Ministry of Defense tenders and its specialization in designing and manufacturing platforms for defense companies has positioned it as a key player in the industry.

One of the latest innovations in the Israeli defense industry is the Arbel computerized light weapons system unveiled by IWI Israel Weapons Factories. This system includes a computer-based platform, an upgraded electric trigger mechanism with sensors, and a battery. The system enhances accuracy, saves ammunition, and provides continuous operation for up to 60 hours without recharging. The flexibility of the system allows operators to use the rifle as a normal weapon without relying on the battery.

In France, Minister of Defense Sebastien LeCorneau has expressed concerns about the local defense industry’s production rate, threatening to exercise “police powers” if improvements are not made within weeks. France is facing logistical challenges due to conflict with the Houthis, leading to increased demand for missiles and ammunition. The US is also experiencing delays in the launch of a new nuclear ballistic missile, the Sentinel ICBM, due to increased project costs and technical issues.

The Pentagon has lifted a restriction on F-35 aircraft that prohibited flying within a certain range of lightning storms. A software update now allows the plane to effectively deal with lightning effects, marking a significant development in the aircraft’s capabilities. Previous restrictions related to fuel injection and safety have also been addressed by the American authorities.

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