KCSR/ KBPY Hosts Virtual Science Café on Indigenous Cancer Research

KCSR/ KBPY Hosts Virtual Science Café on Indigenous Cancer Research

The upcoming virtual science cafe as part of the Nebraska Science Festival will be led by UNMC’s Regina Idoate and Aislinn Rookwood. This event will take place on April 18 at 5:30 p.m. and will focus on “Indigenous Cancer Research Education for Environmental Justice.”

During the cafe, Regina Idoate, PhD, and Aislinn Rookwood will present a National Cancer Institute-funded research education program that integrates Indigenous STEM pedagogy, practices, and resources to advance cancer education within an environmental justice framework.

Regina Idoate, PhD, is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma and an associate professor of health promotion in the UNMC College of Public Health. With expertise in Indigenous research methods, Dr. Idoate collaborates with various institutions and organizations to promote health and wellness in communities.

Aislinn Rookwood, a mother of two, is a public health specialist and assistant professor in the UNMC Department of Health Promotion. She is actively involved in research focused on children’s environmental exposures and community engagement strategies for improving health outcomes.

To join the discussion, use the Zoom link provided: https://unmc.zoom.us/j/98063364607?pwd=TXZFZXFWbncwZlgxc2p6SmZEcUdCQT09

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