Kemira’s Resilient Performance in a Challenging Market: Net Sales Decrease, But Operating Profit Stays Strong

Kemira’s pace at the end of the year slowed due to a drop in chemical prices – Economic Impact

Kemira, a leading industrial chemical company, is pleased to announce a dividend payment of EUR 0.68 per share to its shareholders. Despite lower sales prices for energy-intensive pulp and bleaching chemicals in the October-December period, Kemira’s net sales decreased by approximately 16% from the previous year to around 809 million euros. However, Kemira’s operating profit dropped by only 9%, falling just under 113 million euros.

Despite this decrease in operating profit, Kemira reported that its actual operating profit was reduced to only 1.3 million euros due to the loss related to the sale of its Oil & Gas business. However, the company’s overall financial performance remained strong, with its operating EBITDA increasing by an impressive 17% to reach a record high of 667 million euros for the entire year.

Kemira’s turnover for the year fell slightly to 3.38 billion euros, but its operating profit increased significantly to 463 million euros. The proposed dividend payment of EUR 0.68 per share reflects Kemira’s commitment to rewarding its shareholders and maintaining a strong financial position in an increasingly competitive market.

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