Kettering Health Designates Ridgeleigh Terrace as Center for Clinical Innovation

Kettering Health Designates Ridgeleigh Terrace as Center for Clinical Innovation

Kettering Health recently hosted an open house for physicians at the Center for Clinical Innovation at Ridgeleigh Terrace, a space dedicated to fostering collaboration and innovation among healthcare providers. This location was previously the system’s corporate headquarters and has been repurposed to focus on clinical quality, safety, and efficiency for the benefit of patients and communities.

Ridgeleigh Terrace holds historical significance as the former home of Charles F. Kettering, an inventor and businessman who made notable contributions to technology and innovation. Built in 1914, the house was ahead of its time, being the first in the United States to utilize electric air conditioning using freon, an invention by Kettering. The legacy of innovation embodied by Charles F. Kettering makes this location ideal for the innovative work being carried out by Kettering Health physicians.

During the open house, Acute Care President Daniel Wolcott emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of innovation and purposeful care within the community. The Center for Clinical Innovation serves as a space where clinical providers can come together to generate ideas that will shape the future of healthcare delivery for Kettering Health and its patients.

Physicians like Dr. Michale Lakes and Dr. Harvey Hahn shared their perspectives on the potential impact of the center’s initiatives. Dr. Lakes highlighted the center as a hub for creativity and progress, particularly in areas such as digital health and artificial intelligence. Dr. Hahn echoed these sentiments, expressing hope that the innovations emerging from the center would fundamentally transform Kettering Health’s approach to medicine, with a focus on lifestyle medicine and well-being for both patients and healthcare providers.

Projects showcased at the open house included advancements in high-tech and AI applications, clinical informatics, digital health, lifestyle medicine, and physician well-being. These initiatives reflect Kettering Health’s commitment to driving innovation and improving patient care through collaboration and ingenuity.

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