Lauren Boebert Withdraws Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jayson

Lauren Boebert Withdraws Restraining Order Against Ex-Husband Jayson

Rep. Lauren Boebert has decided to drop her restraining order against her ex-husband, Jayson. This comes after the two reached new agreements, which Boebert hopes will prevent the need for further legal action in the future. The decision was made without any pressure from either side.

The restraining order was initially filed after Boebert accused her ex-husband of attacking their son and making threats against her. However, it seems that the former couple has resolved their differences and are moving forward amicably. Boebert made this announcement to Garfield County Judge Jonathan Pototsky, indicating that the situation has improved.

This development is occurring as Boebert faces challenges in her reelection bid in a new congressional district. She recently announced plans to move to a more conservative district from her current one in Colorado. Despite this move, early polling data suggests that she may not be the frontrunner among her Republican peers in the new district.

Additionally, Boebert’s family has faced legal issues, with her son being detained by local police for vehicle trespass and property thefts. This could potentially impact her chances of remaining in Congress. Amidst all this, representatives for Boebert have not yet commented on these recent developments when contacted by Business Insider.

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