Local Solutions in a Globalized World: The Vision of Helena Norberg-Hodge

Local Solutions in a Globalized World: The Vision of Helena Norberg-Hodge

In the final episode of SystemShift Season 2, Helena Norberg-Hodge, a prominent figure in the new economy movement, joins us. She shares her firsthand observations of the negative impacts of the modern economy and consumer culture, such as unemployment, poverty, environmental degradation, and social issues like depression and divisiveness. Helena recounts her experiences in Ladakh, India, where she witnessed the erosion of traditional values and community bonds due to modernization and consumerism. She advocates for localisation as a solution, emphasizing decentralized, community-led efforts for sustainability and overall well-being.

Helena delves into critiquing economic theories rooted in colonization and proposes actionable steps towards a more interconnected, relationship-based economy. She highlights the flaws of the current economic model and the urgent need for systemic transformation. SystemShift offers valuable insights for those interested in transitioning to a sustainable and equitable economic system that benefits all.

Hosted by Greenpeace Sweden campaigner, Carl Schlyter, SystemShift is a podcast series from Greenpeace Nordic. You can listen to it on various platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Don’t forget to share this podcast with anyone who might be interested, as word of mouth is crucial for reaching a wider audience.

Stay tuned for the transcript of this enlightening episode, which will be available soon. Please note that it has not been fully edited for grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors.

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