Mastering Domestic Skills in Jamestown – Jamestown Sun

Mastering Domestic Skills in Jamestown – Jamestown Sun

In the spring of 1914, the Women’s Club of Jamestown gathered on a Saturday to take lessons in the “domestic sciences”. It seemed like they were simply reviewing skills that they already practiced in their daily lives. The women spent the day going over the curriculum of domestic science courses taught at Jamestown High School, perhaps serving as mentors to the younger generation of women in the community.

The concept of domestic science in 1910 encompassed topics such as bacteriology for cleanliness, physiology related to food and health, and the physics of heating and lighting homes. The members of the Women’s Club understood the importance of personal efficiency in running a household, as mentioned in The Jamestown Alert article about their review of the domestic sciences.

The day concluded with the high school students serving a meal to the Women’s Club. Despite the generation gap, there was no indication of condescension from the older women towards the younger students. While there may have been moments where a club member thought differently about certain practices, it was clear that the women were looking to pass down their expertise to the next wave of homemakers.

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