Maximizing Opportunities while Minimizing Risks

Maximizing Opportunities while Minimizing Risks

During the Summit for Democracy in Seoul, South Korea, Secretary of State Antony Blinken emphasized the impact of new technologies on every country, regardless of its form of government or size. He highlighted the importance of shaping this transformation in a way that maximizes its benefits, minimizes its risks, and upholds core democratic values.

To meet this challenge, the United States is taking various steps, as outlined by Secretary Blinken. One key focus is using technology to strengthen democracies by promoting health, prosperity, and inclusivity. Leveraging democracy’s strengths such as openness, transparency, adaptability, and citizens’ engagement is crucial for delivering positive outcomes.

Ensuring access to digital tools, including high-speed internet, for all people is another priority for the United States. Efforts like the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which allocates $65 billion to expand high-speed internet access nationwide, aim to bridge the digital divide across different regions and income levels. Additionally, the U.S. is supporting global partners in improving digital infrastructure, such as providing financing for upgrading infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Secretary Blinken also emphasized the importance of updating and establishing rules and norms around technology to align with democratic values. With the rise of internet restrictions and censorship in some countries, defending freedom of speech, combating misinformation, and preserving democratic values require a comprehensive approach that includes diplomatic efforts and technological solutions.

Ultimately, Secretary Blinken stressed the need for effective collaboration among allies and partners to navigate the challenges posed by technological advancements. Building and expanding coalitions of democratic nations committed to upholding shared values in the face of evolving technologies is essential for passing the test of shaping a democratic future.

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