Middle School Science Fair Awards Top Prizes to the Natural World and AI

Middle School Science Fair Awards Top Prizes to the Natural World and AI

The recent science fair from “The Tides of March” to “Cat Chat” showcased the work of budding scientists that may change our understanding of the world. It took place on March 6 at John Jay Middle School in Cross River, NY. The fair highlighted projects that were both innovative and thought-provoking.

Among the participants was Rachel Horesh, a seventh grader who conducted a project called “Cat Chat.” This project explored the verbal forms of communication in cats by observing the behaviors of her two cats, Simba and Milky. Another student, Emmett Barrow, investigated the tides in his project “Tides of March” after noticing a difference in low tide times during his clamming experience in Martha’s Vineyard.

The projects at the science fair ranged from studies on brain activity to investigations into Newton’s Laws of Motion. Gulliver Kyle, Abyl Valiamplackal, Neha Nitta, Finlay Cameron, and Peter Koch were among the students who received recognition for their exceptional work. The fair showcased the students’ ability to take scientific principles learned in school and apply them to areas of personal interest.

Zach Miller, the earth science teacher and fair organizer, praised the students for their original scientific investigations. He highlighted their self-motivated approach and drive to understand real-world phenomena. The science fair served as a platform for these young scientists to showcase their curiosity and innovation.

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