Midwest Exterior Products of Republic Business Loses BBB Accreditation

Midwest Exterior Products of Republic Business Loses BBB Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau has decided to revoke its accreditation of Midwest Exterior Products LLC, a business based in Republic. This decision was made by BBB’s Executive Committee in February following a recommendation from the Standards and Compliance Committee. Accredited Businesses are required to respond to customer complaints and BBB inquiries, make efforts to resolve complaints, honor arbitration decisions, and advertise honestly. Failure to comply with these guidelines is seen as harmful to BBB and private enterprise.

The decision to revoke accreditation came after Midwest Exterior Products allegedly failed to address a customer complaint from September 2023 to January 2024. The customer claimed that the business did not start a project and did not provide a refund. Despite multiple attempts by BBB to contact Midwest Exterior Products, the company did not voluntarily resign its accreditation. As a result, the Executive Committee took action.

Midwest Exterior Products currently does not have a BBB rating, and there are indications that the business may no longer be in operation. Mail sent to the business in February was returned by the U.S. Postal Service, as stated on its online BBB profile. One complainant reported giving the business over $26,000 for materials and labor, only to have the contractor disappear after delivering materials. The place of business was reportedly closed and empty when they visited to inquire about the project.

A comment left on the business’ online BBB profile in September detailed the lack of communication and resolution from Midwest Exterior Products. The complainant expressed frustration at the lack of contact from the business owner, Greg Brown, and the business manager, Tara Brown, as they attempted to address their concerns. Despite efforts to reach out, the business has not responded to the allegations.

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