Minefields of Dispute: Inaccurate Maps of Armenia and Azerbaijan’s Post-Conflict Borders

Baku Disputes the Accuracy of Yerevan’s 8 Minefield Reports

In November 2020, Armenia turned over eight newly discovered maps of minefields to Azerbaijan, as reported by the Azerbaijan Mine Action Service (ANAMA). However, ANAMA noted that the data provided was not accurate and reliable. The forms mainly contain information about the minefields surrounding the Murovdagh mountain range of the Kelbajar (Karvachar) region. These forms include details about the types of mines, the number of mines, and the distances between them.

Despite this, ANAMA stated that after analyzing the forms, they found that the data did not match with real minefields and that the coordinates of the points provided were incorrect. In January, Armenia handed over eight newly discovered maps of minefields to Azerbaijan. However, the Azerbaijani side has expressed dissatisfaction with their accuracy. They expect concrete maps of all mined areas rather than just a small portion of them.

Furthermore, ANAMA also noted that even after tripartite announcement on November 9th 2020 under international pressure, only 25% accuracy was achieved in maps presented by Armenia. This highlights a need for more precise and reliable information from both sides in order to ensure safe demining operations in post-conflict regions.

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