Misfits Market’s Unique Business Model Showcased in TWIG Video

Misfits Market’s Unique Business Model Showcased in TWIG Video

In this episode of the TWIG Podcast, Kelly Nigh discusses the power of e-commerce product storytelling. As the chief merchandising officer at Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods, she works to address the large environmental issue of food waste. In the United States, one-third of food produced goes to waste, totaling about $408 billion. Misfits Market partners directly with farmers to rescue organic produce that would otherwise be wasted and delivers it to consumers.

Kelly emphasizes the importance of storytelling in e-commerce, as it allows for more space to highlight the stories of products and suppliers compared to physical retailers. Misfits Market is known for telling the stories of its products, and they are now venturing into offering upcycled foods, which use ingredients that would have gone to waste. This is seen as a growing part of the food waste movement.

In addition to overseeing private label operations at Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods, Kelly discusses the company’s efforts to reimagine the food supply system. She highlights the use of upcycled ingredients, such as “off-spec pumpkins” and “broken jasmine rice.” While the main focus is on reducing food waste, Misfits Market also aims to revolutionize the food supply chain.

Kelly shares insights from her career journey, starting out in sports and eventually joining e-commerce giant Amazon before transitioning to Misfits Market. She emphasizes the importance of advocating for oneself, especially for women in the grocery industry, and encourages them to embrace their strengths.

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