Mistaken Identity: 22-Year-Old’s Obituary Mix-Up Leaves Family Devastated

22-year-old attempts to find new job, only to be mistakenly declared deceased

In September, 22-year-old Tyler Chase’s family was devastated by the news that he had died of a drug overdose. Three months later, they learned that the body that had been identified as his had actually belonged to someone else.

Chase had been staying at a rehab center for several months when he decided to use his food stamps at a local department store. He soon realized that his credit card was no longer active, and this prompted him to suspect that something was wrong. After all, he had been sober for several months and desperately needed to find work.

“My life was a mess,” said Chase. “I turned to the authorities in an attempt to resolve the issue of the benefits I am entitled to.” The authorities informed him that a death certificate had been filed in his name and advised him to contact the Portland Police to investigate the matter further.

The police went to the rehab center where Chase was staying, but they were confused as to why a “dead man” was trying to get information about himself. According to the authorities, after receiving the message, Chase’s family refused to see the body and it was burned on October 1st. It could have all been avoided if they had seen the body as it would have revealed that the deceased was older than Chase, shorter, thinner and red-haired.

Chase’s ashes were given to his cousin Tasha Rosales who said her family raised more than $1000 dollars for his cremation despite being sad about it. Rosales expressed how thankful she is for what happened because it made her realize how important it is not only about taking care of our loved ones while they are alive but also when they pass away. She also shared how grateful she is for what happened because now she knows how much more she can do for her community and help others in need like Tyler did before he passed away.

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