Mongolia’s Former President Takes a Stand Against Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Challenging Putin’s Focus on History with Evidence of the Mongol Empire

Former Mongolian Leader Mocks Putin’s Ukraine Claims by Sharing Empire Map

Russian President Vladimir Putin has relied on historical borders to argue Ukraine is part of Russia and to justify the war. Mongolia’s former president, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, shared a map of the Mongol Empire over the weekend and mocked Putin’s focus on history to try to justify his invasion of Ukraine.

Elbegdorj poked fun at Putin’s argument by sharing maps showing how large the Mongol Empire was, and how small Russia was in the 15th century. The Mongol Empire was once the largest in the world and its territory covered much of Eurasia, including modern-day China, Russia, and Ukraine. Today, Mongolia is a smaller country, but it’s still one of the world’s largest nations in terms of overall landmass.

Mongolia’s government has not supported Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, though it has not outright condemned it. But Elbegdorj has been vocal in his support for Ukraine. He stated that freedom is non-negotiable and expressed his belief that the world’s democracies must rally to support Ukraine. He added that Putin does not tolerate freedom and that he fears a free Ukraine as a deep narcissist who could not afford to see more successful and prosperous neighbors.

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