NASA Unveils Silent Supersonic X-59 Prototype: Could Usher in the Return of Supersonic Flights

Nasa Unveils Silent Supersonic Plane with Nearly 1,500 Kilometers per Hour Flight Speed

NASA presented a prototype supersonic plane called X-59 in Palmdale, California. Developed by American Lockheed Martin, the machine is unique in its relative silence, which allows it to fly faster than sound without disturbing residential areas. The X-59 can reach speeds of about 1,500 kilometers per hour at an altitude of just under 17 kilometers. NASA hopes that this prototype will pave the way for the development of commercial ultrasonic machines and make supersonic flights a reality once again. The Concorde, previously known for commercial aviation, retired in 2003 after flying at about 2,200 kilometers per hour at an altitude of about 15 kilometers.

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