Nashville’s Economy Receives Boost from New Train Development

Nashville’s Economy Receives Boost from New Train Development

In recent years, the Azalea Sprinter Excursion train has contributed at least $1.4 million to the economic development of Valdosta, Tifton, Nashville, Douglas, Willacoochee, and surrounding areas. Nashville has specifically benefited from the growth and expansion of its farmers market due to the sprinter bringing over 4,000 visitors to the city in 2023. Christopher Parott, co-CEO of CaterParott Railnet, emphasized that beyond economic gains, the train offers visitors a unique experience that creates lasting memories.

The success of the train has led to plans for the development of a train depot in Nashville, with construction set to begin in mid-April and expected completion within the next three months. This expansion is aimed at making the Azalea Sprinter more accessible to visitors and residents alike. The city hopes that the depot will not only increase the train’s popularity but also serve as another attraction in Nashville.

Nashville city manager Hayden Hancock highlighted the future plans for the area, which include a revitalized downtown, a new farmers market, and green space and walkways to enhance the overall experience for visitors. The completion of the train depot is seen as a key component in these plans and is expected to further boost the economic growth and tourism in the city. For more information on the Azalea Sprinter excursion train, visit their website.

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