New Coordination Efforts by Italian Government to Boost Agricultural Industry: Streamlining Aid, Reforming Insurance System and Simplifying Policy

The Ministry of Agriculture has opened a coordination table.

The Italian government has established coordination between ministries, unions, and organizations involved in agricultural work to discuss a range of issues. Undersecretary of Masaf, Patrizio La Pietra, made this announcement following a meeting with representatives from Agricultural Redemption. He emphasized the government’s commitment to defending the agricultural industry after years of decisions that have harmed the European agricultural sector.

La Pietra also spoke about the need for a change in community agricultural policy, focusing on simplifying the delivery of aid and avoiding financial cuts. He discussed Irpef, an Italian personal income tax that provides preferential treatment to farmers with lower incomes, limiting the tax exemption to agricultural and Sunday incomes that do not exceed 10,000 euros.

The Undersecretary further announced that the government would soon begin discussions with regions and agricultural organizations to identify supply chains for support interventions. He highlighted the need for an organic reform of the insurance system to reduce insurance costs for farmers and increase coverage against catastrophic risks. This was met with approval by farmers who view it as a vital step to support the agricultural community.

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