New Instagram Measures to Protect Minors from Blackmail through Intimate Photos

New Instagram Measures to Protect Minors from Blackmail through Intimate Photos

Meta recently introduced new measures on Instagram to protect minors from potential blackmail involving intimate photos. The platform has implemented a function that will automatically blur nude images in direct messages received by minors on the app. This feature is designed to prevent recipients from being exposed to unwanted intimate content and gives them the option to choose whether or not they want to view the image.

In addition to blurring nude images, Meta will send messages to both the sender and recipient of such images to educate them about the issue of blackmail with intimate photos, also known as “sextortion.” The company aims to reduce the creation and sharing of these types of images through these proactive measures.

Furthermore, accounts identified by Meta’s AI tools as potential sources of blackmail will face severe restrictions when interacting with underage users. These restrictions include limitations on sending private messages to minors, limited access to their followers list, and restricted visibility in search results.

Meta will also notify young users if they come into contact with a potential blackmailer and direct them to a dedicated website called “Stop Sextortion,” where they can access support services provided in collaboration with relevant associations.

These new protections will be tested in select Central and Latin American countries starting in May before being rolled out globally in the coming months. By implementing these measures, Meta seeks to create a safer environment for minors on Instagram and prevent the exploitation of intimate images for blackmail purposes.

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