New Study Challenges Time Travel Concept: Researchers Discover Materials Can Reverse Time on a Molecular Level

Historic Study Reveals Evidence of Time Reversal, Scientists Say

A study published in Nature Physics in 2022 has shed new light on the concept of time travel. Till Bohmer and Thomas Blochowicz, the lead authors, found that time does not behave in a strictly linear manner within certain materials.

Their research focused on the shuffling of time within the structure of materials such as glass. They discovered that glass features a fascinating structure where its molecules are constantly relocating into new places. This constant shifting of molecules effectively reverses time on a molecular level.

To observe these subtle changes, laser light was scattered and an ultra-sensitive video camera was used to document the minuscule fluctuations in the molecules. The study revealed that although this phenomenon won’t bring humans closer to actual time travel, it will undoubtedly alter our perception of certain materials used daily.

In addition to this study, a 2023 research has further shaped our understanding of time travel. It effectively refutes the possibility of traveling backwards in time. According to the study, time in the universe can only progress in one direction, drawing conclusions from research into light and its interaction with other objects.

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