New York Mets’ Yohan Ramírez receives three-game suspension

New York Mets’ Yohan Ramírez receives three-game suspension

Pitchers Génesis Cabrera of the Toronto Blue Jays and Yohan Ramírez of the New York Mets received suspensions of three games each from Major League Baseball on Sunday due to their actions in separate games. Additionally, Mets manager Carlos Mendoza was suspended for one game as a result of Ramírez’s actions, according to Major League Baseball senior vice president for on-field operations Michael Hill.

Cabrera was penalized for on-field actions that triggered a benches-clearing incident during the bottom of the seventh inning in Toronto’s game against Tampa Bay. On the other hand, Ramírez was disciplined for intentionally throwing at Milwaukee’s Rhys Hoskins during the seventh inning of the Mets’ game against the Brewers. Both pitchers have appealed their suspensions, so they will be on hold until the appeals process is completed. All three individuals were also fined.

Mendoza served his one-game suspension on Sunday during the Mets’ series finale against Milwaukee, making it the third game of his career as a major league manager. The incident leading to Cabrera’s suspension occurred when benches cleared in St. Petersburg, Florida, after Cabrera exchanged heated words and shoved Tampa Bay shortstop José Caballero. He was ejected from the game for his actions.

In Ramírez’s case, his suspension stemmed from throwing a pitch well behind Rhys Hoskins after a previous hard slide by the Phillies’ player led to a confrontation with the Mets’ Jeff McNeil. Ramírez was ejected from the game by the plate umpire for his actions. After the game, Ramírez clarified that he was not intentionally throwing at Hoskins, but the incident still led to his suspension.

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