Novant Health introduces its new mobile mammogram unit

Novant Health introduces its new mobile mammogram unit

Novant Health has introduced a new mobile mammography unit in an effort to increase access to breast cancer screenings at various locations and events. The unit aims to reduce disparities in screenings by providing convenient options for individuals who may lack transportation or live in rural areas. This initiative aligns with Novant Health’s goal to make mammograms more accessible to everyone in the region.

Routine breast cancer screening is recommended for individuals starting at age 40, or potentially earlier for those at high risk. The mobile unit is equipped with the latest 3-D technology, which provides radiologists with detailed, three-dimensional views of breast tissues. This advanced technology allows for more accurate screenings and early detection of breast cancer.

The cost of the mobile unit was covered by support from the Novant Health New Hanover Regional Medical Center Foundation. Ernie Bovio, president of the Novant Health Coastal region and Novant Health NHRMC, emphasized the importance of increasing access to screenings and reducing disparities in outcomes. Early detection of breast cancer can greatly improve treatment options and save lives, highlighting the significance of this new mobile unit.

As Novant Health continues to prioritize reducing disparities in breast cancer screenings, the introduction of the mobile mammography unit signifies their commitment to improving access to life-saving screenings for everyone in the community. By making mammograms more accessible through this mobile unit, Novant Health is working towards their goal of providing quality healthcare to all individuals in the region.

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