On Monday, twenty-five teams kick off offseason programs

On Monday, twenty-five teams kick off offseason programs

Monday marks the deadline for settling up with Uncle Sam for the money earned while working in 2023. It is also the day when 25 teams will officially begin their work for the upcoming 2024 season. Seven teams have already started their offseason program, with the remaining teams set to open up on Monday.

The offseason program consists of three phases, with the first phase involving the least amount of football work, focusing mainly on lifting, conditioning, and meetings. Most teams will also have press availability for coaches and players. Notable quotes may come from teams like Buffalo and Houston, following surprising events such as the trade of receiver Stefon Diggs.

In Pittsburgh, the focus will be on Russell Wilson and Justin Fields as they officially start their time with the Steelers. Wilson is seen as the frontrunner for the starting job, with Fields looking to challenge him. In Kansas City, all eyes will be on receiver Rashee Rice and his legal situation, as well as the team’s response to it.

Although the football season is still months away, Monday marks a significant step towards the 2024 season for more than 75% of the league. It is the beginning of a journey that teams hope will culminate in success ten months from now in New Orleans.

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