PETA Urges Carousel Manufacturers to Swap Animals for Cars in Amusement Park Rides

PETA urges for an end to carousel animals in the name of animal welfare

PETA, an animal protection organization well known for their campaigns against wearing fur, has recently made headlines in the USA. In a letter addressed to the largest manufacturer of carousels, the organization demanded that children should no longer ride on animals such as horses, dolphins, or elephants in amusement parks. Instead, they suggested using cars, planes, excavators, or spaceships in carousels.

PETA believes that this encourages the use of animals for pleasure, which they oppose. The organization argues that children would learn through play to have respect and compassion for living and sentient beings by adopting these changes in carousel design. Therefore, PETA is calling on all carousel manufacturers to “slam the brakes on old-fashioned animal-themed rides and adopt designs that inspire children’s creativity and promote humanity.”

Some of the most prominent representatives of PETA include actresses Pamela Anderson and Harald Glööckler. Many influencers have also joined forces with the organization to promote a vegan lifestyle and oppose animal cruelty. Overall, PETA’s campaigns have had a significant impact on raising awareness about animal rights issues and encouraging people to adopt a more compassionate lifestyle.

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