Phil Spencer Confirms Xbox Will Continue to Produce Consoles and Emphasize Multi-Device Strategy

Phil Spencer allegedly informs colleagues that Xbox will continue to produce consoles ahead of business update outlining Microsoft’s multiplatform strategy

In recent news, Xbox head Phil Spencer has confirmed that the company has no plans to discontinue the production of Xbox consoles. Instead, Spencer stated that the company’s strategy will continue to focus on utilizing multiple devices. This was revealed during an internal townhall meeting held by Xbox last week, where Spencer emphasized the importance of Xbox consoles in the company’s future plans.

In addition to continuing with its current approach, Xbox will also maintain a strategy that emphasizes the use of multiple devices. This means that Xbox will continue to pursue initiatives to bring more games to mobile devices through cloud technology, a strategy that the company has been working on for several years.

This news comes after some Xbox games were recently announced as being made available on PlayStation consoles in the future. This includes exclusive titles like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle and Starfield. After these reports surfaced, Spencer reassured the public through a Twitter post that more information regarding Xbox’s strategy will be revealed in the coming week.

It is expected that more details regarding Xbox’s approach to making its exclusives available on other platforms, such as PlayStation, will be disclosed in the near future. For a comprehensive overview of Xbox’s upcoming exclusives and games, visit our Xbox Series X games guide.

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