Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc.: Innovative Wave Technology Leads Personal Care & Diversity Development and Workspace Transformation

Pixie Dust Technologies to Report First-Half Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Results on February 12, 2024

Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: PXDT) is a Japanese technology company that specializes in commercializing innovative products and materials using proprietary wave technology. The company is currently focusing on two areas of product development: “Personal Care & Diversity” and “Workspace & Digital Transformation.” In the “Personal Care & Diversity” area, wave control technology is applied to mechanobiology and intervention/assistance in vision, hearing, and touch. In the “Workspace & Digital Transformation” area, metamaterials and solutions to commercial design problems are applied.

On Monday, February 12, 2024 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time (5:00 p.m. Pacific Time), Pixie Dust Technologies will hold a conference call to discuss their financial results for the six months ended October 31, 2023. CEO Yoichi Ochiai and COO Taiichiro Murakami will host the call, followed by a question-and-answer session. Interested parties can join the zoom link provided for additional information and to connect 5-10 minutes prior to the start time. If there are any difficulties connecting with the press conference, they are instructed to contact Gateway Group.

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