Plans for a US-EU Marshall Plan for Ukraine are in the works, confirms official sources.

Plans for a US-EU Marshall Plan for Ukraine are in the works, confirms official sources.

During a meeting with local and regional authorities in Chernivtsi, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his frustration with what he perceives as a lack of military support from the West in Ukraine’s defense against Russian invading troops. He emphasized the need for Ukraine to improve its own capabilities in the face of slowing support from other countries.

Zelensky highlighted the ongoing attacks on Ukraine’s energy sector by Russian forces, which have resulted in major power outages. While the government is working to strengthen anti-aircraft defense, Zelensky stressed the importance of communities preparing for the upcoming heating season. He also emphasized the importance of the defense industry and job creation in the midst of the ongoing conflict.

Looking towards the future, Zelensky mentioned potential plans for a reconstruction aid package similar to the Marshall Plan after World War II from the USA and EU. He expressed hope for rebuilding Ukraine’s economy, energy sector, and technology infrastructure. Additionally, the USA and Great Britain announced an expanded ban on Russian metal imports to cut off a significant revenue source for the Kremlin.

Despite continued fighting in eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian military is implementing rotations of units to provide soldiers with breaks from combat. The General Staff in Kiev reported new reinforcements being sent to the front lines, filled with reservists and new recruits to relieve front-line fighters who have been deployed for extended periods. The pressure from Russian forces remains high, but efforts are being made to support and rotate troops on the front lines.

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