Police Arrests at Russian Protests Condemned as Unjustified Amid Growing Tensions with Ukraine

Arrests of soldiers’ wives during protests in Russia

On Saturday, civil rights platform OWD-Info reported that police in Moscow and Yekaterinburg arrested several people during protests by relatives of Ukrainian war mobilized Russians. In Yekaterinburg, five people were taken away by plainclothes police officers while laying down flowers at a soldiers’ memorial. Meanwhile, in Moscow, two journalists were arrested at the station according to information from Sota. Both journalists have since been released.

The protest was organized by the “Putj domoi” (“Way Home”) movement and was called for by the Wives of mobilized Russians. Activists laid flowers at monuments to fallen Soviet soldiers of the Second World War in seven cities, including Moscow, where they protested against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war against Ukraine at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Kremlin wall. Police were on site in large numbers and had warned against participating in the protest.

In response to the protests, the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning about the inadmissibility of violating the law due to calls on social media to participate in a mass action in central Moscow. They specifically targeted journalists beforehand, seeking to dissuade them from reporting at the protest.

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