President Abbas and Hamas Engage in Dialogue to Reunite Gaza After War

Gaza’s Security and Rehabilitation: Abu Mazen’s Post-War Action Plan

In recent years, tensions have been high between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas in Gaza. However, during a visit to Doha, Qatar, President Abbas was invited to discuss the possibility of expanding the Palestinian Authority’s influence in the Strip after the war. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken had previously suggested that Abu Mazen should prepare for the day after the war and not wait until its end. He proposed establishing a more representative government and developing a plan for reform and rehabilitation.

Abu Mazen briefed Blinken on ongoing preparations for the formation of a new government, a rehabilitation plan, and reforms to the PA’s administrative, legal, and economic systems. While Hamas officials claimed to welcome cooperation with the Palestinian Authority for the reconstruction of Gaza, they also emphasized the need for a national reference for the government and Reconstruction Authority that involved various Palestinian political forces and independent national figures. Hamas pledged not to disrupt efforts aimed at rebuilding Gaza and helping residents deal with the effects of war.

President Abbas’s visit to Qatar highlights how important it is for all parties involved in resolving conflicts in Palestine to work together towards peace and stability in Gaza. The United States has played an important role in facilitating these discussions, as seen by their previous proposals to Abu Mazen regarding post-war planning. However, it is clear that there are still many challenges ahead before we can see lasting peace in this region.

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