Preventing Cancer from the Head to the Toes: Montana Imaging Center Introduces Full-Body MRI Exam

Missoula now has access to new MRI exam technology

In the United States, February is recognized as National Cancer Prevention Month, and with over 2 million Americans diagnosed with cancer last year, it is crucial to have effective prevention strategies in place. According to data from the American Association for Cancer Research, about half of those cases could have been prevented. To help combat this growing health concern, Montana Imaging Center in Missoula has introduced a new technology to aid in the fight against cancer – a full body MRI exam.

This unique scan covers the entire body, from the head to the knees, and utilizes Artificial Intelligence to detect issues such as cancers, neurological disorders, liver diseases, and cardiovascular problems. Dr. Tim McCue, Radiologist in Chief at the center, emphasizes the value of this scan for individuals of all ages. Whether someone is older and concerned about potential cancer or young and looking to be proactive about their health, the full-body MRI can provide peace of mind and early detection opportunities.

Dr. McCue highlights that there are certain types of cancer, such as pancreatic and ovarian cancer, for which there are no effective screenings. This makes the full-body MRI particularly valuable for those looking to stay ahead of potential health issues. Montana Imaging Center has made this advanced technology available to the Missoula community, continuing their commitment to providing cutting-edge medical services.

The full-body MRI scans are now being offered at Montana Imaging Center, providing an important option for cancer prevention and overall health monitoring. To learn more about this new technology and how to schedule a scan, visit their website at

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