Putin’s Ukraine Interview Sparks Criticism from Scholz: German Chancellor Describes it as a ‘Mockery’

Olaf Scholz, German Chancellor, Describes Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview as “Ridiculous” and “Absurd”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent interview with American journalist Tucker Carlson has been criticized by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Scholz referred to the interview as a “mockery” and described Putin’s explanation of the Ukraine conflict as “completely absurd.”

In the interview, Putin claimed that Ukraine started the war in 2014 and that Russia’s goal is to end the war and denazify Ukraine. However, these claims were contradicted by Scholz, who accused Putin of “telling a lot of lies” and described him as an “imperialist.”

Scholz and President Joe Biden met in the United States and urged Congress to approve more funds for Ukraine. They emphasized the importance of support from the United States and European states for Ukraine’s defense against Russia. The European Union recently agreed on a €50 billion package for Ukraine until 2027, with Germany being the second largest contributor after the United States.

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