Rafah Strikes: 22 Lives Lost, Biden Calls for Caution as Tensions Escalate Between Hamas and Israel

Local health officials report 22 killed as Israel strikes Rafah refugee camp

The southern city of Rafah in Gaza has been rocked by Israeli airstrikes that have claimed the lives of 22 people and left many injured. These bombings, which took place while people were asleep, caused widespread panic among residents who feared an impending ground offensive by Israel.

Following a series of strikes in southern Gaza, the Israeli military announced that its operations had come to an end. However, they did not provide any further details about the impact on civilians or the reasons behind the attacks.

US President Joe Biden has urged Israel to exercise caution when conducting military operations in Gaza and to ensure the safety of civilians. He warned against attacking Rafah without a credible plan to protect those sheltering there. Aid agencies have expressed concern about the potential catastrophic impact of an assault on Rafah, which is currently the last relatively safe place in an enclave devastated by military conflict.

In a conversation between Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the US leader expressed grave concern over the rising civilian death toll in Gaza. Hamas militants have also been involved in the conflict, with Israeli tallies reporting the death of 1,200 people in southern Israel and the abduction of 250 people during an incursion on October 7. In response, Israel conducted a military assault on the Gaza Strip that has resulted in more than 28,000 Palestinian casualties.

This tense situation has led to threats from senior Hamas leaders about the potential consequences of an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah, particularly as ongoing hostage-exchange negotiations continue to stall.

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