Rallying Around Local Business: How Peoria Community Helps The Popcorn Shoppe overcome Sales Slump

Peoria business receives overwhelming community support after asking for help

The Popcorn Shoppe, a local business located at the Metro Centre, has received tremendous support from the Peoria community after sharing their struggles on social media and requesting assistance. The store reported a significant slowdown in sales over the past month, making it difficult for them to pay employees, afford rent, purchase inventory and cover various bills. This was particularly challenging for co-owners Matt George and Niki Duckworth who opened the Peoria storefront in September 2022.

Despite offering a variety of gourmet popcorn flavors and other products, The Popcorn Shoppe has had difficulty reaching new customers. In an effort to increase their customer base, the business asked readers to help spread the word about their shop. Their post received more than 500 reactions and over 2,000 shares, with another local business, Big Mike’s Donuts & Coffee, showing their support as well.

After their initial post, The Popcorn Shoppe shared an encouraging update expressing gratitude for the support they have received and announcing that they had sold out of certain products. While they were grateful for the assistance, they emphasized that they still needed ongoing support in order to stabilize their business.

The Peoria community has rallied around The Popcorn Shoppe demonstrating the power of community support for local businesses.

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