Rare Opportunity to Purchase Subsidized Apartments Extended by a Week: The Ministry of Construction Offers Last Chance to Join the Discounted Apartment Lottery!

Registration for the Discounted Apartment lottery extended by the Ministry of Construction

In light of the high demand for the “Discounted Apartment” lottery, the Ministry of Construction has decided to extend the registration period until February 13. This extension gives people an extra week to sign up and purchase one of the nearly 7,000 subsidized apartments available in 16 localities across Israel.

Registration for the current round began on December 26 and has already seen about 100 thousand people sign up. A total of 72 projects with 6,816 apartments are being awarded across the country. The apartments are distributed as follows: 2 projects with 114 apartments in Eilat, 9 projects with 931 apartments in Elad, and so on across various localities.

Those interested in participating in the lottery have until February 13 to sign up and take advantage of this opportunity to purchase a subsidized apartment. With over 7,000 apartments available, this is a great chance for those looking to become homeowners at a discounted rate.

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