Record-High Temperatures Continue for 10th Straight Month Across the Globe

Record-High Temperatures Continue for 10th Straight Month Across the Globe

March marked the 10th consecutive month of record-breaking heat on Earth, with both the northern and southern hemispheres experiencing temperatures that exceeded climate targets. According to the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service, global temperatures in March were 1.68C (3F) higher than historical averages. Over the past 12 months, temperatures have been 1.58C above pre-industrial levels, surpassing the 1.5C limit that could have severe consequences for life on Earth.

Copernicus Deputy Director Samantha Burgess stated that March 2024 saw a continuation of climate records being broken, with both air and ocean surface temperatures reaching unprecedented highs. She emphasized the importance of rapid reductions in greenhouse gas emissions to prevent further warming. The Copernicus program, which is the largest provider of climate data globally, relies on billions of measurements from satellites, ships, aircraft, and weather stations to make monthly and seasonal forecasts.

In a photo accompanying the article, a woman is seen wiping her sweat on a hot summer day in Gurugram, India on April 7, 2024. The image serves as a stark reminder of the impact of rising global temperatures on individuals around the world. The copyright for this content belongs to Bloomberg in 2024.

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